Thursday, January 7, 2010

Basement Kitchen and Bathrooms

For the most part, the largest chunks of our basement are done!

I think everything turned out really well and I am happy with our decisions. Decision making is so hard, especially when you know you have to live with it forever...which is how long we are planning on living here! More than once during the project, a contractor said to me, "This should last you a lifetime!".

Anyway, I will stop with those deep thoughts and get on to the photos!

I am so happy with our countertop choice-a Cambria quartz solid surface. It shines up so nicely and I love the way it feels cool under your hands. We got a steal on those parson-style stools from Homemakers (a division of Nebraska Furniture Mart).

But the best part?

Mini fridge! Just like a hotel!

Well actually, it is a beverage station and we chose it because there wasn't room for a real fridge which I really wanted. But this is pretty sweet too! You can fit a ton of beverages in it!

Here's bathroom no. 1:

and bathroom no. 2:

We are so happy with it and love using it! Enjoy the photos! (more to come when I actually start decorating down there!)


  1. Rose you have a beautiful home. I'm jealous you have a "forever" home!


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