Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fighting Sleep...

*note: this photo has nothing to do with this post...quite the opposite, actually!*

It has been a rough couple of days and nights here at our house. The past two nights Michael has been up almost every hour, wanting to nurse. I've started bringing him into bed with me so he can nurse and I can doze, but I don't sleep well because it is so bad to sleep without moving out of one position and also I am paranoid about smothering my son. If I wake up and he is peacefully sleeping I will give him a little jiggle in a panic just to make sure he is still alive. I know...I am totally crazy. I always flash back to the time I was a little girl and I saw a mama big roll over one of her babies and kill it. Ahh...the joys of growing up on a hog farm. Who would think that one moment in time would still be haunting me?

At any rate, the past two nights have made for some hard days. Micheal seems to get upset more easily and is harder to console. My normally very happy son never acts like this! I am blaming it on a growth spurt and hope tonight is better.

So far so good; he's been sleeping soundly for a few minutes now in his revamped pack and play. We took off the little bassinet part because he had outgrown it a long time ago. The idea is that maybe this will make transitioning to his real crib easier, whenever I decide to make the leap into that stage. Removing the bassinet was quite the ordeal...Scott actually said "F you!" to the pack and play. Yes, he was swearing at a baby bed. The joys of parenting-I actually found it quite amusing and laughed for a long time! :o)

Hopefully next time you hear from me, I will be more rested and optimistic and maybe think of something creative to post!


  1. Oh, you're not crazy, I do the same thing. In fact, I think you would still do it regardless of that pig incident. Lol. I agree, I think it's a growth spurt. :)


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