Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Say it's Your Birthday...

...well it's my birthday too!

Happy 27th Birthday to me!

Michael gave me this big smile as a birthday present! He also slept in until 9 and then snoozed in his swing the rest of the morning while I got some time to myself-the best present a mom could ask for!

I think he looks sooo big, but then I step back a bit and he looks so tiny!

Case in point:

We carried on with our normal daily activities before Scott came home with some beautiful flowers and a great gift (see below)!

We decided to brave the Cheesecake Factory for our first dining out experience with Michael. I would say it was a success! They weren't very busy and we got our food very fast which I think helped my anxiety. We thought M was doing so well that after dinner Scott ran out to the car to get the stroller and we thought we would attempt a quick cruise around the mall. We made it halfway around before M started getting fussy, so we headed home. It is so funny how such a small person can change our plans so quickly. :o)

All in all, it was a great birthday!

And yes....that is a Cyclone Snuggie! Do I have the best husband or what?


  1. Happy Birthday! Beautiful flowers too!

    I know the snuggie, but not the cyclone snuggie, but it sounds fancy!


  2. Happy Birthday! Wow- what a great day. I am glad you love your snuggie. = )

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like it was fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous flowers - I have to tell Lance to stop getting me teal flowers. I have a thing against flowers that are artifically colored with colors that don't naturally occur in nature.
    PS - love the cat card. It's the sign that you truly are a cat lady!

  5. Happy Birthday. Love the flowers. Babe looks so cute curled up in the chair.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by to enter my giveaway. Good luck! Both your guys are adorable!


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