Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend!

It was a great weekend! First of all, the weather was amazing! 70 degrees on November! I'll take it.

And to demonstrate how absolutely beautiful the weather was, here are some photos from us enjoying my favorite park ever, Jester Park. What? You are surprised we decided to take a trip there?? :o)

However, we did go to the natural playscape area which has lots of fun paths and places for kids to run around. I'm sure it is much more fun in the summer but heck, we'll take it!

My nephew Andy thought pushing Michael in the stroller was the funnest thing ever. He even got in a fight with his sister about who got to push him. Once again-heck, I'll take it! Maybe this is a sign he will want to come and live with me to be my nanny!


We decided to walk down the road a bit....further than I have ever been in the park!

I think the trees look really pretty with no leaves.

Scott and his brother.

So, needless to say-we had family visiting us this weekend. Steve and Julie and crew came Friday night (with Papa Murphy's pizza in tow-yay!) and we had some fun playing rounds of Uno. At one point it was just Scott and Andy trying to duke it out for last place and Scott beat out Andy. He was yelling in excitement, he was so happy he just beat out a first grader for second to last place. Too funny!

Saturday morning they made us breakfast and then headed out early meanwhile my mom and sister came to watch M while Scott and I went to the ISU game. It was a beautiful day and I had a great time being out of the house even if ISU lost.

Here is the the whole gang:

It was so sunny I was HOT! I tried to take a picture to demonstrate this...and this is what came out:

It kind of looks like the sun is a big fireball or something, but it sure felt great!

When we got home, my aunt Gwen came over with another Papa Murphy's pizza. So good! It is always fun to see what other people get on their pizza because I feel like we always get the same thing. We are branching out!

Sunday morning Scott and I woke up early so I could play with the orchestra in church. He treated me to a nice breakfast at Gateway Market afterwards where we sat outside on the patio it was so nice out! Mostly I think the breakfast was just a bribe because afterwards we went to Best Buy and I waited around patiently while Scott picked out a TV and all the accessories that go with it. So boring. They all look the same to me!

But then he took me to the mall to get some new sneakers because my feet have grown and none of my shoes fit anymore. :o( Pregnancy is a rough deal!

And then when we got home, Scott worked outside and put up lots of our Christmas lights. I'm sensing a theme here...why is my husband sucking up to me so much? Is it because my birthday is Tuesday?? Could be!

So all in all, great weekend!

p.s., will someone tell me if this photos are too big for their computer? I like them, but if they take forever to load that isn't fun either.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. I really miss fall in Iowa! Your photos look just fine on my computer.

  2. The photos look good on my computer, too, and load right away! As always, looks nice, Rose!


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