Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandma's Visit

Mom had vacation time planned this week so she decided to come spend it at her favorite vacation destination-my house!

It is great when she is here because she loves to hold Michael and spend time with him which leaves me with a little free time to myself!

Mom always tells me how she thinks Michael should come live at her house because it is so weird to have him be part of her family but she doesn't get to see him all the time.

I think she really enjoys being a grandma. :o)

One afternoon during her visit we decided to go to an outing to a tea room in Perry with my aunt Gwen.

Yes...tea room.

I had never been to a tea room before but let me tell you-it was really fun!

We got to eat fancy lunch food in a fun dining room that was all decorated with Christmas stuff. We got to pick out our own flavor of tea and our water came in different little water pots. Mine was the chicken. I liked it so much I really wanted to buy one to have at home....then I remembered I don't really ever drink tea, nor do I have people over for tea. Sometimes I just get caught up in the moment!

The tea room was also connected to a gift shop that had lots of fun things to look at. There were lots of fussy breakable things so I decided to play it safe and not lug a huge baby carrier with a heavy baby in it all over the store.

I think Michael had a good time-what do you think?

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