Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wakeful Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

Of course in my current state, days and time have no meaning to me. It is definitely a bizarre world to live in. I think it would be easier if we had some sort of routine, but right now I just do what I do to keep Michael happy and try and work everything else in around that.

However, this week I started going back to Hope Orchestra rehearsals and my small group bible study. It is nice to get out of the house for a little bit (usually just an hour), but I feel terrible leaving Scott to fend for himself with Michael. I tell myself it is good for both of them...sink or swim right? It's like that moment when you are learning to become a teacher and then it's just you and the kids and you better think of something fast!

We've also been taking some walks; one yesterday and today. It is such nice weather for the beginning of November. Yesterday we went to Jester Park again and we were amazed at how much the trees changed just since last week. We went for our longest walk yet and it went great until about and hour into it when Michael became a fuss bucket and I couldn't soothe him. So...I had my first experience nursing in public. If you count a picnic table in the woods public. :o) At any rate, I think I will keep our walks a little shorter from now on!

They were also doing a controlled burn at the park yesterday-it looked pretty cool!

We got this beautiful blanket from one of Scott's coworker's wife and it is so precious. She has one of those machines that embroider anything on anything-so jealous! I think she should start her own business on etsy.

Micheal has been doing a great job of holding his head up steady so I thought we would take some photos today!

Look at that strong boy!


  1. We have a woman in our Sunday School class who regularly nurses in class with no blanket. The males find this distracting and uncomfortable ... maybe think about going to a nursing room if you find yourself in this situation :)

  2. That blanket is awesome! Wow, he's doing so good with holding his head up! Exciting :)


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