Sunday, November 1, 2009

iphone phun

I have a bad habit of not always having my good camera with me.

But, isn't the best camera the one you have with you?

So, I have taken lots of photos with my iphone just because I usually have it on me. Which is funny because I think they are actually better quality photos than my first digital camera. Ah, technology.

I thought this was a great photo of my husband waiting in line for his H1N1 shot last weekend. We were only waiting for 10 minutes at this point, hence the good mood. That building in the background is the backside and the line went all the way around.

I finally caught a tiny baby smile after M was done nursing!

M tried on his hospital hat and it was almost too small for him! He is growing so much.

These two crack me up. Notice anything different in the background?

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