Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trees and Tile

It has been an exciting week over here at our house with the guys making progress on the basement tile every day-yay! But to add to the excitement, on Friday our tree guy brought over four more trees to add to our growing collection!

So exciting!

Well...I will let you be the judge. If you find photos of barren trees exciting, well..let's be friends!

Here they are:

A nice maple by the driveway.

Another nice big maple by the road (we already had the closest tree...a Linden tree).

Then he put in two crab apple trees in the side yard to break up the side of the house a bit. I really like the placement because you can see them from the windows! It is such a nice change!

Also, compare the above garden to the photo below:

Wow...I know, right? How depressing is that? Was summer really that long ago?

Here's a fun fact, did you know when your sweet potato vines die (the plants that are trailing over the wall) this is what you can dig up?

That's right. Not some alien or decomposing bodily organ...but a huge, mangled sweet potato. I've never tried to eat one, but I've heard you can. I am always fascinated and slightly disgusted at the same time.

Anyway...on to the tile! We now have grout! And if you aren't tired of seeing photos of my basement are a couple more!


  1. Whoa- I didn't know sweet potato vines made sweet potatoes. wow- that thing was ugly!


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