Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Michael's Pump it Up Party!

This year Michael wanted to have his 5th birthday party at Pump It Up. Sound familiar? Well, yes...of course, because we held his party there last year, too! 

Michael's birthday is exactly one month after the girls' birthday and considering I didn't start planning his party until after they were born, I think things worked out pretty well. He was so excited about turning five and I didn't want his sisters birth to overtake his entire world. I would love to have a party for him at home someday but it just wasn't feasible this year so a repeat booking at Pump it Up fit the bill and Michael was excited about it. Note to self: next year start planning a party to have outside at the end of September! I was going to do that this year before our lives were turned upside down (in a good way!) with the twins! 

Pump it Up is a great place for a party because you can have a ton of kids come, they pretty much do their own thing jumping, and there are helpers on staff to help you stay organized. The helpers even served the cake and wrote down the gifts for me! Last year we  did pizza and snacks and this year we just kept it to cake, juice boxes and waters (for the adults). It was a really fun time! 

The kids (and adults!) jumped in the first room for a bit and then we headed to the second room for a glow party where the lights were turned off and kids got glow sticks. It was a neat change of pace since the kids usually go here on their class field trips but had never done the glow party before. 


Michael invited all of his daycare friends as well as his friends that are not from daycare. We had 18 kids total although not all of them made it in the photo! 

I didn't get a real good shot of the cake but it was a Star Wars cake with a starship and the death star on top and lots of blue frosting! It took a ton of energy for me to get out of the house, let alone getting out of the house dressed, showered, with makeup on and hair done in an attempt to make me look not like a zombie. So I didn't get all the great photos I wanted but I am happy we were able to hold a super special celebration for our favorite big brother. 

Happy Birthday, Michael! I think five is going to be a great year for you! 

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