Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

I am proud of myself for getting photos of all the kids in their costumes before the big day! Wow, does it feel weird to say all the kids. Anyway, I had this marked in my planner for days to get photos and knowing how easy it is for me to lose track of little things these days I call this a win! I didn't catch the elusive photo with all three kids in it but I have to snap away when I can while the girls are in a happy mood. 

The girls' alternate costume is this critter hoodie from Old Navy. I thought it looked so cute and fluffy that I had to splurge on it even though it is kind of silly. The actual name of the animal is just "critter", so I guess it is up to you to determine the exact critter it is. So far guesses have been a deer, raccoon, hedgehog, and fox. I only picked it because it was pink! I figured it was something halloween-ish and also something they can continue to wear all winter long, especially since I ordered 0-3 size and they are still solidly in newborn at 7 weeks! I must have thought they would be much bigger by now when I was ordering! 



My pumpkin heads! 

Of course every baby at Halloween needs to have a photo of themselves dressed up as a pumpkin because...of course they just do. It's like a baby thing. 

See evidence A: 

And evidence B: 
(big brother Michael at about three weeks old) 



And for big brother...

Captain America!

(or Captain Ta-Merica as he likes to say)

These photos were a ton of fun to take! The girls were magically sleeping in their car seats after I picked Michael up from daycare yesterday so I instructed him to run inside as fast as he could,  change into his costume, and meet me outside. We then shot a whole bunch of cool photos in about 3 minutes. In my opinion, the best way for a photo shoot! 

We let Michael watch the Captain America movie with us a few weeks ago and since then he has been obsessed with it! The shield was definitely his favorite part and he can do all the moves with it just like in the movie! 

I also have to include this photo which shows my great pumpkin harvest of orange pumpkin. We had a few others but they were still very green! 

Have a great Halloween! Thanks for stopping by! 

p.s....just for fun: 

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  1. lol at your pumpkin "harvest". We are hoping for some for next year but these things never really work out for me, either.

    Love the critter costumes and pumpkin heads. And Captain America? Awesome! :)


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