Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 weeks!

Anna and Brynn are six weeks old! (as of last Wednesday!). I am a little behind on my blog which I am fine with but I feel like these days are so fleeting and wow-time is flying! We had a rare morning  last week of happy, clean and alert babies so I seized the moment and took some really fun photos. I love the way they turned out! 



Brynn again. I had to include this one because she was being such a good little baby model, posing up a storm! I love her dark little baby eyes. Everyone asks us if we think they will turn blue, and yes we are 100% sure they will. Both Scott and I have light blue eyes, as well as everyone in my family except my sister whose eyes are more gray. I think the odds are in their favor they will keep their baby blues! 

Two peas in a pod!

I guess I should also update you with a how's it going post. We have turned a corner around six weeks where the girls are very unhappy and I know it is just due to growing or some sort of temporary colic/tummy pains/who knows what. We are trying to set some foundations in place to get them on a better schedule but it is very, very hard and time consuming. They had been doing really well with being on the same schedule but then they got off track. Suddenly they were taking turns being awake at night and that is not okay! I was literally getting zero sleep except in 30 second increments when someone wasn't crying. I know keeping babies on a schedule is controversial but I think it is a different game with multiples and I cannot do it if they are not on the same schedule...I will literally lose my marbles. So we've been trying to keep them on a three hour schedule with trying to stretch out feedings to four hours. It is hard because most times they can hardly make it to three hours so usually it goes like this: I feed them, they are happy. I lay them down for a rest, usually it goes well for about an hour or so. They wake up, and are screaming angry until I wave my white flag and feed them again (usually from 60-90 minutes). Luckily, they are usually pretty happy if we are in the car or going for a walk so I have been using those activities to entertain them for the screaming hour. Otherwise it is just my futile attempts to keep them happy and soothed which are not always successful! I am not complaining in the least but just wanted you to know what it is like with twins. I am also having a hard time because I know when the boys were like this I would just wear them and be on my happy way. It is hard for me to hold the girls at once let alone figure out how to wear them at once (but I will do some research and get back to you!). I do know that things get better and I am hoping by this time next week when we hit our 8 week milestone things might be a little better. 

Otherwise the girls are continuing to grow well, nursing in tandem is going extremely well (I love the snuggle time and it is so much easier than making/washing/pumping bottles), and we are getting a little bit of sleep at night. The girls are sweet and we hope we are doing a good job helping them be happy twins that can sleep at the same time at night. :o) 

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