Monday, October 13, 2014


InstaFriday week 4 with the girls! 

In case it looks like we just lay around all day snuggling...well, you are right. Most of my days are spent nursing and snuggling my babies, with a little housework and time with Michael thrown in. I do have moments where I feel like I should be doing more but then I just remind myself that this is what I'm supposed to be doing and babies don't keep. 

Anna and me on the day of Michael's birthday party. Also known as the only day I've done my hair, makeup and worn actual pants! 

Anna and Brynn will usually hang out with me in the office for a little while if I am doing photos or stuff on my computer. I feel like I need to seize the day when they are both sleeping and get the laundry and dishes done but also I feel like I should waste time since it happens so infrequently. It is a hard choice to make!

Iowa State celebrated its homecoming this past week and everyone was sharing old photos on facebook. It was really fun to see and reminded me of all the fun times I had in marching band in college. It was so fun to be part of a big organization and get to hang out every day with 300 of your closest friends. It sounds cheesy but it is true- everyone knew everyone and everyone was so nice and fun to be around. I also love how young and attractive we all look in the photos! 

My sister made these cute tutus for the girls at their shower and I hadn't put them in them yet so I figured homecoming was a good excuse. They were so fussy so I couldn't take a cute one of them by themselves but luckily Scott stood in as a baby model for me. The outfits were ridiculous and very cute! 

I stayed home and watched the game on tv and there was a surprise- they showed the halftime show! yay! It totally made my day and was really fun to see. I miss participating in football Saturdays but I know this is just a season of life that will quickly pass for better or worse. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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