Friday, October 24, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! 

Things have been very busy here the last few weeks and I have a lot to blog about but am struggling with finding time. The girls are keeping me very busy (in a good way of course!) and we are hitting our six week growth spurt so it seems like things have been extra busy lately. I do know that it will get easier and that growing is hard for little babies to do so it takes extra cuddles, snuggles and patience. Which in turn means lots of extra caffeine and snacks for mom! 

I subscribed Michael to Kiwi Crate a few months ago and he really likes the boxes! They are cute, easy crafts that he can do mostly himself. There are usually extra supplies and on this day in the photo he was playing with his castle he made as well as cutting up the extra felt into gold coins. He had a whole story he was telling so if you want specifics, you'll have to ask him! 

Trace's angel-versary was also earlier this month on the 10th. We went out the cemetery to clean up his headstone and remember him. It was the most beautiful fall day and the tree right by his headstone was a beautiful gold yellow and leaves were falling everywhere. It was really perfect. As much as I hate going to the cemetery to visit my son, it warms my heart with the beauty nature provides. 

Michael and I also got out of the house, just the two of us, to run some errands one day while my mom was here to watch the girls. I needed to get him a haircut and a flu shot and those things are hard to do with twins in tow! It was a really fun morning just the two of us and I hope we can keep having special moments now that our family has expanded. Michael is just such a fun boy to be around! :o) 

My grandparents came to visit over the girls' baptism weekend (will hopefully get a post up about that soon!) and my grandma brought me a vintage fiestaware pitcher for my collection! I love it and the little family it makes on my shelf!

As much as I have tried to avoid it, we are full fledged into legos around here. The itty bitty, hurts to step on them kind. We've been telling Michael he can only do the ones that are for five year olds because they are easier but he still really always asks for the star wars ones (which are for 7 or 8 year olds). Well, he went to the store with his dad to spend some birthday money and low and behold, he came home with a star wars set! He was grinning ear to ear that he tricked his dad into letting him get it. He was so proud that he put it together all by himself even though it took several hours. I think the fact that I said he wasn't old enough to do it was motivation to prove me wrong! 

And finally, we have really been enjoying fall here. The trees have been so beautiful and it seems like the color has lasted the whole month of October. I always worry that each nice day might be the last so it is important to enjoy them. I hope you have been enjoying all things fall, too! Have a great weekend! 

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