Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3 weeks!

Baby girls are three weeks old today! 

This seems entirely too crazy to me and yes, I will probably say that in every post for the next 18 years. They are growing fast and I am noticing them getting heavier and more chubby, especially in their faces and tummies. We will take them for a weight check next week and see if they are putting on good weight- if they are, we might get the go ahead to let them sleep as long as they want during the night. Sometimes they will wake up right at the 3 hour mark but sometimes I think they would go longer if we let them-it is so tempting but I know they need to keep their little bellies full! 

Every day I panic about how fast they are growing so I tried to take some photos of them. I quickly realized how hard it is! I have a feeling we might be investing a considerable amount into professional photography for a is not easy to capture TWO newborns looking sweet in one shot!

Brynn on the left and Anna on the right...snuggle bugs!

Brynn has crazier hair that is darker and longer. It also sticks up right in the back like a little rooster tail. She also has pointy little elf ears! 

Anna's head is bigger and her hair is lighter. She looks a lot like her older brother! See below: 

I've been trying to get braver about getting the girls out of the house but it is just so darn time consuming to get them fed, changed, clean, packed up, in their seats and in the car. Whew! We've had a trip to starbucks drive through, the park for a walk, and a few to get brother from school and that is about it. I am just happy that Michael knows how to open car doors and buckle himself in by himself. These are valuable skills for this momma!

Here we go on another week adventure in far we are having a great time and love loving on our girls. 

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  1. I seriously can't believe they are three weeks already! I say that, but somehow nearly eight months have passed me by with Piper by my side.

    They are beautiful. I love all the pretty bows and hairbands! :)


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