Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Michael is 5!

On Monday, October 6th Michael turned five years old! 

My sweet baby is getting so big and I can't hardly believe it! It honestly feels like yesterday he was born and yet sometimes it feels like he has always been a part of our lives. He is the biggest blessing to us and we love having him in our family! 

My favorite things about Michael are his happy spirit, his never ending energy, his ability to never forget the smallest detail, and his love for his family. He is such a neat kid and I hope he carries these traits with him forever. 

We celebrated on Sunday with my parents. We had a birthday breakfast with presents and then they headed out to Center Grover Orchard for a day of fall fun. I'm glad my parents got to spend some good one on one time with Michael- I think that is the best gift for anyone to give or receive...hopefully good memories were made!

It has been fun for us to watch Michael's role in our family change as now he is the biggest brother! He loves his sisters and always knows who is who. He loves telling people he has "two babies!" and thinks that is pretty special. He likes to watch his sisters up close and always tells me when one is crying. He does think it is kind of a pain to replace fallen pacifiers or run dirty diapers to the diaper pail but overall he is a pretty good helper. I worried for a long time that he might be an only child forever so I hope he can someday realize how big of a blessing his sisters are to him and us. He is already making big plans for when his "sisters are two, or maybe four" when we can take trips with them to do fun things. 

Michael, you are the light of our lives! We love you! I can't believe how big you are getting! Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy birthday, Michael! It's clear what a special little guy you are to your family...and what a pro big brother you already are! ;)

  2. such a sweet birthday boy, especially in pajamas! i'm sure those traits/qualities are here to stay : ) i love hearing that he is enjoying his big brother role. PS: i realized that our school is in the same division as your school, so i thought it would be cute to have Michael and Drew playing sports against each other in high school -- hehe.


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