Thursday, November 6, 2014

8 weeks!

Anna and Brynn turned 8 weeks old this week! 

They are growing so fast and I can definitely tell they are getting bigger. Not only are they getting heavier, but they have both outgrown newborn diapers and are wearing some 0-3/3 month clothes! I am excited to see how much they have grown at their two month appointment next week! 

Things have been going really well especially in the last few days. The girls have been doing great learning their new schedule and having some consistently to the days helps me tremendously. It is hard to get them both to sleep at the same time during the day, but I am trying! We've also had a good run of a few good nights of sleep in a row with the babies sleeping past the 3 hour mark and going right back down after eating-yay! Scott is still helping with one feeding a night and it is a lifesaver. I've tried to do the whole night on my own and it is way too hard! 

One thing that has really been helping me is to be sure and put them in their cribs for a morning and an afternoon nap (they are still sleeping more than that during the day but sometimes I am  holding them or they are in the swing). It gives me a little time to eat, get organized for the day, even do some chores or exercise! 

My mom has been here the last few days so that has been a big help! The hardest is when both girls are crying at the same time but thankfully we are seeing less of that these days. Fingers crossed it keeps up! 

We haven't had too many other milestones here....I think I am starting to catch some glimpses of baby smiles although I am not sure if they are accidents or on purpose! They just make all the hard work worth it! 

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  1. Anna and Brynn are so beautiful in every way, Rose! :)


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