Monday, September 29, 2014

A whole lotta Instas!

I've been having lots of fun updating friends daily on instagram with photos of my family. I try not to overgram, but it is just so hard when they are so cute and I spend many hours a day nursing the girls and on my phone! Feel free to follow me @rosekundel! 

Wearing their preemie onesies for a day! They are growing fast and are both pretty long even though the weights are low so they are not as small as they seem!

First trip out of the house at 5 days old for a weight check at the doctor! Both gaining! 

Sleeping beauties!

Matching pink polka dot bow hats...what could get much cuter? Ready for a quick walk around the neighborhood with mom!

My least favorite part of breastfeeding! :o( I feel like I am constantly picking them up around the house or don't have one when I need one. Ugh! I am happy that it is going well and girls are growing!

Big brother! Loves to lay next to the girls to see them up close and watch what they are doing. He is good about telling me when one is crying and is a master at telling them apart! 

Sweet pea, Anna Rose, getting her morning mommy snuggles!

Another weight check at 10 days old! Still growing! I celebrate with a hot drink from Starbucks!
As you all know, I love photos and scrapbooking and I have been lusting after the project life scrapbook system and the beautiful items for a long time. The concept seems so neat to me but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into my current scrapbooking process which seems to be working for me. Well, lo and behold, just about a week ago they announced a new project life APP that lets you create fun layouts on your phone! And the best part is that you can then get them printed at persnickety prints (also through your phone!) in 12x12 size which is exactly what I like to do with my scrapbooks! Very fun and easy! 

Scott got Michael a new trailer bike this past week and Michael loves it! I think Scott likes it because they go much faster than when Michael is on his own. I'm glad they are doing something fun together since I am mostly house bound these days!

Two week weights! Brynn is up 7 oz from birth and Anna is up 4 oz! We have been exclusively breastfeeding, with the girls occasionally getting a formula bottle for their feeding from dad when I haven't found time to pump that day. I am proud of them!

My favorite fall snack!! 

Anna on the right, Brynn on the left.

Morning time snuggles! 

I have really been missing going to football games and tailgating with my friends this season. Hopefully I can make it to one later in the season if I have plenty of reinforcements at home to watch over my children. However, it has been nice to be snuggled up at home watching the games on TV and following twitter! I loved this shoutout to the Cyclone marching band from my favorite sportscaster! The band always wins! 

Two good friends from school stopped by to visit this past week and it was so fun to see them and watch them love on my babies! I like this photo a lot! Things are busy but good and we are just having the best time with our two bundles of joy. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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