Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Years!

It's my husband's and I's anniversary today! 5 years...sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it? In a lot of ways things have stayed the same- same house (which we are still trying to finish, just 5 short years after we started) and same jobs. But now our family is much larger and much louder and it fills our beautiful home with so much fun and love. I can hardly even believe that it used to just be Scott and I. What was that like?

And I guess we are still driving the same cars. Are we boring or what?

We went out to a nice dinner without kids last night, thanks to Scott's boss's family who took them for the night. I think all the kids had a blast! We had a great time out in our old neighborhood where we lived when we were first married-we ate at Mojo's and got ice cream at Van Dees. At dinner we said we should have written down where we thought we'd be in 5 years and see if it matched up. You know, like you do when you are a senior in high school?

We talked about where we wanted to be in another 5 years, but it is hard to imagine life that far in the future. In 5 years, Michael will almost be 6 and Trace will be 4. Crazy. In 5 years we will hopefully be thinking about baby #3, will definitely have the house finished finished, and will enjoy having children that are out of diapers (hopefully-ha). We also think it would be a great time for our big family trip to DisneyWorld...we better start saving now!

It's been real fun, honey. I love you!

Here's a link to last year's post!, and here is a link to our 3 years post!


  1. Oh my goodness, Rose! We went out late for our 7th anniversary this week, too. Guess where we went?!? Mojo's & Van Dee's! How funny! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating our 4th next week...too bad I will be out of the state on that day!


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