Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Shelf

For those of you who have known me before I had kids-I used to have lots more time to dedicate to DIY and home decor. These days, most of my time is spent just trying to rein in my little toddler tornado from too much destruction.

However, I did get the spark to whip up a cool ledge shelf that I kept seeing numerous times on pinterest.

Specifically, it was this image caught my attention:

I have a ton of beautiful prints in nice frames that I wanted to showcase somehow in our dining room. I didn't want to put a lot of holes in the walls because those of you who have been in my dining room know there are already lots of holes in the walls from failed previous attempts to hang something. I also wanted something that would be a more flexible gallery than just frames on a wall.

So I headed over to and checked out the plan. It seemed easy enough, and plus we have loads of extra wood in our basement. I initially started the project with some leftover maple trim that we had leftover and was already stained. The only problem was that maple is hard to work with and we broke several screws trying to get the pieces together! So we scrapped my free version of the project and headed to Menards where we bought some really nice pine boards to use. These shelves are called "$10 Ledges" because that is how much one 8 foot long shelf is supposed to cost BUT we spent about $10 on each board so our shelf was much more. The reason why our boards cost more is because they were already sanded and were just a lot better looking than the $3 boards so we just went with it. Anyway, working with the pine was much easier and long story short, here is the finished product:

I really love how it turned out and the way it showcases our large prints. The only problem is what do we do when we have another photo session and more prints to hang? Scott and I already brainstorming where we can install more shelves in our house because after it was all said and done, it wasn't too bad of a project to tackle.

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