Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime

It's hot outside!

Every day, the sun is so hot...there's not even clouds in the sky to help to block it. Ugh. We have major cabin fever here. We've still been getting outside a little bit but it is pretty miserable.

Michael and his bananas. He loves them! For a while he was calling pictures of monkeys "nanas" because I would always say, "there's a monkey, he likes to eat bananas." Or in some books, the monkey is actually holding a banana so we have to point that out too. I can see how the kid gets confused.

We are also having major summer hair issues. Both of us. Hopefully one of ours will be resolved before school begins.

My poor baby chipped his front tooth at daycare. We took him to the dentist to have it looked at and that was an equally upsetting experience....I think we will be exploring the world of pediatric dentistry from now on. Our dentist thinks it will be fine, we just have to watch it and make sure it doesn't get infected or do anything weird. Until then, he'll have hockey teeth until whenever it falls out.

In other happenings...

Yay for friends! (Hi, Kelly!)

Yay for rainbow fruit (and for pinterest for making my previous fruit arranging skills feel inadequate).

And yay for sleeping babies (even though I think he is trying to sneak a peek out of one eye).

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