Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're lovin' it

I finally visited the High Trestle Trail this weekend! It is just a few miles north of our house and it is beautiful. We went on Sunday and the weather was nice and it was so fun to see lots of people out enjoying the morning also. Everyone would say hello or good morning as they passed and eventually Michael caught on and would say hi to people as well.

Scott rode his bike and I walked from the trail head in Madrid. I didn't realize how far it was to the bridge, but it's like 3 miles! The bridge itself is 1/2 a mile long and then when you add in the distance back (luckily Scott met me on a gravel road and picked us up), it was like 5 miles of walking. I was tired!

Michael surprises me every day with the new things that he says. We were out in the yard and I was doing some weeding and he was beside me playing. He saw what I was doing and he goes "I help...weeds". It was so cute. I've been trying to get him to ask for help when he needs it because like all men, he already has a problem with that one. :o) It is so cute to hear him put a few words together to make little sentences.

Dad and Denise were here for an overnight and Michael had so much fun. Michael held Denise's hand and walked around the house and kept saying, "Bye, mom!" to me....I think he really wanted to go home with them.

They were playing ring around the rosie and then Michael started playing it with just his bear except the only word he would say was "down!".

Nutella on a graham cracker is so delicious. I made Michael some nutella pancakes and now thankfully all of it is gone- that stuff is too good.

Have you been enjoying the fresh fruit this summer? I am so happy that the prices are reasonable that we have been gobbling it up. Michael loves his berries!

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