Friday, July 15, 2011

Trace is two months old!

Trace is two months old! time flies. It's crazy, really. Day by day, Trace just seems to becoming more of a normal member of our family and things seem to be getting easier. He really is a good baby and I think he is going to have lots of fun with his big brother growing up. My brother and I are close in age also and all my memories from growing up are of me and him...we sure got into a lot of trouble. He was always the mastermind and I was his minion. Hopefully that won't be the case with Trace and Michael, but I'm sure they will get into lots of trouble also!

Anyway, Trace is growing and growing. He is a great eater and his sleeping is really improving. Lately he's been doing lots of 4-5 hour stretches and I really enjoy it! I feel like if I can just get a big chunk of sleep in at the beginning of the night then it's not so bad. He is also getting very strong and can keep his head steady, prop himself up during tummy time, and can bear weight on his legs when being held.

Trace has started smiling at us and he likes to talk with little coos and noises. It is so, so sweet. He likes to look at his toys and really likes to watch his big brother.

He is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing and wears size 1 diapers. His two month well baby check is on Friday so we'll have the official height and weight stats then.

(and just because I love this photo so much, here it is again in black and white. I think he looks like a little baby doll. Also new discovery: our house has excellent natural light at 6 a.m....oy!)

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  1. Wow - two months already? That is crazy. Great photos!


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