Friday, May 31, 2013


Guess what?

Today is the last of school at one of my schools. Yay!

I can't hardly believe the end of the school year is here and I survived going to school every single day. I am very, very proud of myself. I think going back to work after losing Trace has been one of the hardest things and also best things I've done. And to add on top of it a slightly high-stress *new* job with working *way more* hours on top of that...I am very, very proud of myself. But more so, I am very, very proud of all my students because without them I wouldn't have a job or kids to teach music. 

I feel like since I love band so much and am such a huge band nerd, it is my duty to keep providing the world with kids who love band as much as I do. I definitley have some crazy kids who practice hours a week and some kids that never practice but still show up every lesson and rehearsal and love it. 

I've had more comments this year from students than I can remember in the past so I just wanted to share them not to brag, but just so I can get them down to remember. 

I had a student my very first year teaching who never, ever talked and I swore she hated me. Well, she graduated this year and in a scholarship application essay she wrote about an influential teacher she chose ME. She said I was always so nice and positive and helped her learn saxophone which she still plays today. I was floored. I am very proud of her.   

I also had a student this year who always looks like he is asleep during rehearsals and I could never really tell if he was doing what he was supposed to. On our last day of rehearsal he said if he would be a teacher the only type he would be would be a band teacher because, "it didn't seem like that much work and was a lot of fun". Wow! I'm glad I make my job seem easy because it is a lot of work but what is the saying that goes something like you know you are good at doing something when you make it look easy? Also I do have fun every day at my job and if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life.

And finally, I got a great thank you note from a student who was in 5th grade this year and she wrote "thank you for saying "good job" to me at every lesson, no matter what". That just melted my heart because first and foremost, I want my students to always know that I think they are doing a great job, no matter what, and that I am proud of them and I am here to help them succeed. Being in band is going above and beyond in school and it requires a lot of extra work outside of their normal school day. I appreciate all those kids' hard work and I work hard to make sure they feel special all the time.

I had such a great experience when I was in school in band, which is ultimately why I am a band director today. I want them to know that by being in band that they are special, they are safe, and they have someone who cares a lot about them.

Okay, I am off my band soapbox now. :o) 

I've had a great week otherwise, which mostly guessed it...hanging out with my favorite guy, Michael.

Michael has been loving tinkling on our piano, especially when I am working in the kitchen. He will tell me what the song is about and sometimes will even sing words to it. I am really impressed and thinking about signing him up for some sort of children's music class in the fall. His piano playing has evolved from banging to actual thoughtful playing and I think it is just awesome. I was first turned on to music when we moved into a house with an old piano that I love tinkering on and then my mom signed me up for piano lessons. I know it was brutal sometimes but- thanks, mom!! :o) 

(everyone should thank their moms that signed them up for piano lessons as a child, even if they hated it because it is so good for you!) 

We had a rainy (surprise!) weekend last weekend but it gave us a chance to get out of the yard and to the library. Michael played for over an hour and we had a fun time just being together. He loves to walk through the little nature area by the entrance and jump out of the trees to surprise me. He is a goofball.

Have a great Friday! 


  1. I love that teachers make such a difference in the lives of so many. I don't think that I'm changing anyone's life by marketing life insurance to labor unions. I guess I'll just have to settle for influencing my child's life :)

  2. Rose - Congratulations on your new position! I am a Wannabe Teacher and I love checking out teacher desks and offices ... thanks for sharing a shot of yours :). Those are sweet stories from your students -- a little gesture or comment can be a great influence! I agree -- I didn't like piano lessons and I so wish I still played!

  3. On the subject of band, this made me think of you :)

  4. What lucky kids to have such a great teacher! On the subject of band, this made me think of you :)


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