Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrating Trace's Birthday

We celebrated Trace's birthday on the 17th, his actual birthday. I still went to school that day, just because it felt like it was easier for me to keep on doing my normal routine than to try and shift it (plus, it is super hard to leave work when you feel like you are the only person who can do your job!).

My mom was here watching Michael since our childcare was off this week and she made some of these little baby cakes for Trace's birthday. They were so sweet and little...just like Trace. We sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles. 

We also visited the cemetery and left some happy flowers for Trace.  Michael did a balloon release- sending a balloon up to heaven for Trace.

When we got home and it was dark, we also sent off a couple of paper lanterns. Mom had gotten them last year at Menards and they were really cool to do. I wanted to do them on his birthday because in the movie "Tangled" Rapunzel's parents light the lanterns every year on her birthday in hopes of her returning to them.  The lanterns are a little tricky to send off and you need two people to launch them but once they were in the sky they burned as bright as a star. We only had one little lonely one at a time in the air, but it seemed fitting- they burned bright just like Trace burns bright in our memories.

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  1. I love the laterns- I had no idea that's what the significance of the lanterns in Rapunzel- I've only ever seen about five minutes of the clip. I love the sentiment. :)

    Hope his day was gentle on you.


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