Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trace's Birthday

Friday, May 17th was our sweet Trace's 2nd birthday. 

It was a day of sadness but I also felt very lifted up and hopeful on his birthday. I have hope because I know he is in heaven and that we are never really without him. 

I also felt like the heaviness that had been weighing me down the past couple of weeks has been lifted and now I can enjoy the beauty that is all around me and truly see Trace's spirit in it. He was a blessing to us and we are happy that we got to have him.

 We will never forget the day he was born as one of the happiest of our lives. He made our family complete and he was meant to be part of it. He was the sweetest baby; always happy and beautiful. 

Our crabapple trees bloomed this year on the 16th, one day before Trace's birthday. When he was born I had secretly hoped they would bloom on the day he was born and this year I got my wish. The funny thing about my crabapple trees is that they are only in their peak bloom for about one day and this year that day was Trace's birthday. I loved it. 

Seeing those blooms reminded me of the hope that Trace gives us: the hope that God is always taking care of us. The hope that life goes on even though one of our family members is not physically present.

I just know Trace would have been the sweetest and happiest little 2 year old boy, loving on his brother just like he did when he was here. I often feel the pangs of grief as I imagine how much fun it would have been with two boys running around.

 I know Trace is happy and safe and that gives me hope.

Happy Birthday, Trace. We love you and always will.


  1. Happy birthday baby Trace. Spring brings us hope for the future.

  2. Happy birthday Trace! What beautiful trees, I am so happy they bloomed just in time for his birthday. They really are breath taking.

    One of the hardest parts must be thinking about what could have been. I'm still so deeply saddened for your family and cannot even imagine the pain.

    I insisted on purchasing an AngelCare monitor when our little James was born because of you and your beautiful little Trace. I have never known anyone this has happened to and it hit me very hard.

    Trace is such a lucky baby to have you all for his family :)

  3. Such a beautiful baby boy. Always and forever little man.

    I love that your tree bloomed on his birthday- beautiful.


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