Friday, May 17, 2013


Happy Friday, friends. Today is actually not a very happy Friday for me in some ways because it is Trace's birthday. Its not that we don't remember him and miss him every day but some days the sting just hurts a little bit more and today is one of those days. I will post about it later but today I wanted to be sure and share my instas from the week so fear not...I am not neglecting you, little Trace, but just letting it all sink in for a few days. 

Most of these instas are from our little weekend trip last weekend to St. Paul. We left Friday after school and stopped at the Mall of America first thing. I really wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe and stop at the Disney store. How touristy and cheesy, right? It was actually really fun and Michael loved the Rainforest cafe! It was definitely a highlight for him! 

We also stopped at the LEGO store and walked through Camp Snoopy but didn't ride any rides. We think next time we will have to plan for more time and get an unlimited rides pass. 

Michael and I got up early the next morning and headed to downtown Minneapolis for a visit to the MN Children's Museum. We had only been once before, when Michael was about 6 months old. I knew he was the perfect age for it now and he had a blast. He was running and playing everywhere and just had so much fun being his little 3 year old self. We spent the whole morning there, took a quick lunch break and then went back for more playing before meeting up with Scott for his afternoon hockey game (he was playing in a tournament that weekend in Blaine).

I love that smile!

Michael's favorite activity was the stream area (he got to play in the water) and I loved the play supermarket and commercial kitchen/asian restaurant. So fun!

We headed up to Blaine to catch Scott's afternoon hockey game. It was a lot of fun and pretty heated although it was 0-0 until the last minute of the 3rd period! We had fun drinking a can of beer and embarrassing my niece Ellie and our attempts at the wave.

We ended the weekend with a nice brunch at Scott's sister's family's home and it was just so nice. They have a beautiful home and family. Michael and his cousin got along so well and played so nicely together and of course...we all loved the new puppy.

It was a great weekend! 


  1. Hello blogging friend....I notice from your post you were in my neck of the woods. Got to love the crazy weather in Minnesota...maybe I should add Iowa too. :)

  2. Life goes on but the pain doesn't ever entirely go away.

  3. Happy birthday Trace. I hope today is gentle to you momma.

  4. i've held you, Scott and Michael close to my heart -- especially over the last couple of days. i'm sure the sting feels so unbearable at times. take extra-good care of yourself, Rose.


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