Saturday, May 25, 2013


We have been loving this nice spring weather here. It is so nice to come home from school and just be outside for a long time before it is time to go to bed. It is really good for my soul. Michael has taken his role of smell quality control very seriously. He loves to smell all the flowers and will often say, "this one smells like peanut butter!" or "smell this one!". I do think he is a budding little horticulturalist and he loves to examine all the plants and flowers up close. He has been a good helper for me getting things in the ground this spring, usually being the plant food sprinkler (which he calls "planting the flower seeds"). 

It wouldn't be spring without multiple trips to Menards. Our big car is in the shop so we had to stuff bags of mulch in my little funny. It doesn't hold much but at least my car smelled like cedar chips all week. Michael has had fun looking at all the fountains on display.

My lilac has been so pretty and it just bloomed at the right time-on Trace's birthday. It was a gift from all the families at Trace's childcare and it is a nice reminder of the wonderful care and love he had when he was here. 

This weather has also been good for wearing out little boys. We can definitely tell Michael is worn out at the end of his days even though he says he doesn't want to go to bed because "it's not dark out yet!".   He has also been waking up with all the storms we have had lately- something we definitely did not experience last summer with the drought. It is totally new to him!

Scampy has also been enjoying his time outside and prowling his territory accordingly. He does take pretty good care of killing little rodents in the yard so I am good with it. It is so funny to see him as a fluffy house cat out stalking little mice like he is a big lion. He sure loves it!

Have a great weekend, friends! 

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  1. I love all your landscape pics! And that pic of Michael sleeping is so precious. Take Care.


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