Friday, May 10, 2013


I totally forgot today was Friday! So guess what? You get to read two posts from me today!

Michael learned about rainbows at school this week and wore this cute rainbow hat out the rest of the night-even to dinner! I just love his spunky little 3 year old personality. 

We got to meet a new baby this week- welcome to the world, Baby Brooks! We have been praying for you and your safe arrival. We are glad you are here! Most importantly...thank you to your parents for letting us come over and get some tiny baby snuggles in. He is a little peanut and it was so fun.

Scott's hockey team won their league championship Wednesday night. It was a pretty heated game and dare I say it- I even had fun watching it! They are a great team and they have a great time with each other...proof that men will always be boys at heart. :o)

And lastly, we have been enjoying this nice weather this week. I hate that I am not home during the day to take Michael to all the fun places he likes to go so usually we will do an after school park playdate if it is nice. This week we were the only ones at the park and it was almost like a little wind down for Michael....sometimes I think it is important for kids to be able to chill a little after a big day just like adults. We had fun swinging, listening to the birds, and picking "roses" aka, dandelions.

Have a great weekend and Mother's Day! 

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