Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicks and Diggers!

Happy April! Can you believe it? We are just 7 weeks and change away from a new baby at our house! I am hoping that the snow stays away for good and we can get lots of work done outside before the little one makes his or her arrival!

On Wednesday we stopped at Tractor Supply Company to check out the baby chicks, thanks to a suggestion by my dad. It was great entertainment for Michael!

He was so excited and loved walking around to the different bins to look at all the types of chicks. It was very appropriate since we had just heard a book at the library about chicks!

We also had some excitement here yesterday morning when our neighbors were doing some dirt work in their backyard. Michael has several books about diggers and he was pretty happy to see one in action. As soon as he saw it he showed me where it was in his book- isn't he so smart? I love to see him start to make connections between things in real life and in books.

We can't wait to see what fun types of entertainment today brings! We'll keep you posted!

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