Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The countdown to baby is on! We are less than 4 weeks away from the new baby arriving!

I survived my concert at school last night without going into labor so that is a big check off my list. The kids did great and everything went really smoothly. After a full day of school moving equipment and then a whole night of being on my feet, I was exhausted last night. I came home, took a hot bath, drank about a gallon of water and then watched the season finale of Parenthood.
And then I bawled my eyes out. Every never fails. Usually I watch it by myself but last night Scott caught it with me and he was laughing at me. I can't help it!! So good. Anyone else watch?

My computer has just been brought back to life by my husband after my hard drive crashed. Luckily we had time to back everything up, but it took a long time to get everything copied back on it. My 2011 photo file took about 2 days with all the huge photos I've been taking with my new camera. The new hard drive is 500 first hard drive was 20 gigs and I thought that was huge!

Since I didn't have any recent photos for this post, I will give you some treats from days gone by:

Life pre-kids. 2007.
Yes, I am wearing a denim tuxedo. It was on the mannequin at Gap that way!

Scott and his fraternity brothers, 2001.
We went to a birthday party this weekend and a couple of Scott's friends were there and it was so weird to see them all as DADS. I could have never imagined that in a million years back when we were in college. Life is funny. Two of these guys have 3 kids, one has 1 with 1 on the way, and 1 will hopefully have some soon!

Speaking of college....

Hi, Skippy! :o)
Dallas, 2004?

Honeymoon, 2006.

The only year I had awesome looking pots. I want to say 2007.
I had a photo from a magazine and spent a ton of money at the garden store. I have never gotten them to look nice since. I think it is because I got cheap and didn't feel like spending $20 on plants for a pot. Ahhh the days of disposable income! :o)

I'll be back with more recent updates as soon as I find some time....have a great week!

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