Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enjoying the weather

This past weekend it was as warm as its been yet this spring- in the upper 70's! On Saturday we all headed to Jester Park for some family time. Michael had a blast and we spent about 2 hours playing, walking around and exploring.

What is it about nice weather that makes time fly?

I thought Michael kind of looked like an old man in this outfit. I think it is maybe the tucked in shirt that does it? I think he is actually getting taller and I'm curious to see how tall he is at his appointment next week. People always ask if he's two and when I say no they comment on how tall he is!

He is also the skinniest he has ever been. His legs are really thinning out and they have been chubby ever since he was born! I think it is just another reminder that he is growing up right before my eyes.

We walked down to see the elk and they were all chilling in the shade. They looked so peaceful. Michael loves watching them.

Michael saw some older boys playing with sticks so of course he also had to have a stick to play with. He is so observant and smart it amazes me!

They also recently burned all the grasses down at the natural playscape so it looked very different. I'm excited to see the new stuff pop up as spring continues.

I'm glad we enjoyed the nice weather when we did because now it is going to get colder again and possibly even snow!! It is a good reminder to never take a nice spring day in Iowa for granted. :o)

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  1. very cute -- i think the hat makes him look older (but not senior citizen old!), and i love the look of hats on lil' boys :). soon enough you will have a new baby with lots of chubby to admire!


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