Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hockey TIme

This year Scott has really gotten into hockey and he plays two nights a week for two different leagues. Usually the games are late at night, but this week he had an early game so Michael and decided to go! We are so terrible at attending his games, this was only our 3rd one this year. It was a great game and Scott scored two goals and a good assist!

He really likes his team and there are some good guys on it. I think this is the 3rd team he's been on since he started in the league but I have a feeling they want to keep him around for a while. :o)

The highlight for Michael, of course, was the zamboni. We got there early so he got to watch it clear the entire sheet of ice. He was so excited and was pointing and babbling the whole time. It is so funny to me the things that little boys find entertaining.

This week Michael had to go to a different home for childcare and he slept hard at naptime. Both days he came home with this funny hair that was all flipped up in the back. I thought it was so cute!
(he could almost pass for a little girl....shhh, don't tell dad!)

I thought this was just the cutest photo and I'm so sad it came out blurry. I have a little 50mm f/1.8 lens for my camera but it is a manual focus and so lots of times my photos come out blurry. It is still fun to use, but I wish I would have splurged for the higher end one that can do focus automatically!

Have a great Easter weekend, all!

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