Friday, April 8, 2011

Enjoying Spring!

We have been fully taking advantage of the gorgeous spring weather this week. I cannot tell you how much easier my life is just by having the opportunity to go outside for a few hours each day. Now I finally understand what moms have been talking about! :o)

We still need to get some outdoor toys for Michael, so far all we have is his little trike. He looks like such a big boy when he rides it!

I picked up some sidewalk chalk at Walmart and immediately Michael only wanted to eat it. As you can see, he tasted both colors. There is no stopping him...he thinks everything is food.

And now I will continue on to my boring growing plants portion of this blog post...


It makes me so happy to see all my plants coming back in the spring. Every day it seems like something new is coming back and it's exciting! The weeds, not so exciting. I've sprayed them once already but I still can't resist pulling them when I can. Hopefully if I tackle them early they won't get out of hand as easily.

Sedum- filling in nicely on my rock wall. Some people think it is too invasive, but I like it. It's easy.

My grass has already started to shoot up- I'm glad I got these cut back a few weeks ago.

Plumeria- can't wait for it to bloom!

Day lilies- they are getting bigger and bigger each year. I love them, they are so happy!

Here are some photos when I said Michael looked different after his nap. He just looks so grown up!

He is not really a baby anymore, huh?

Happy Friday!

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