Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Staying busy...

Staying busy is definitely the name of the game over here at our house. Every day I wonder what we can do to make sure we have a smooth and quick day, especially when we are cooped up inside being sick. Except on days when I work...those always fly by no problem! I'm always way too busy at school! :o)

(can you see the grass getting greener outside?? yay!!)

I bought Michael a huge bag of little cars at a consignment sale last week. The sale was crazy but I picked up a ton of new to us stuff to keep Michael occupied. Most of it is put away until the new baby comes but I had the cars out for our weekend away. I've been catching him playing so nicely by himself in the sunroom. He lines the cars up and moves them from one end to the other and makes little noises and talks to just makes my heart melt!

We've also been working on coloring with crayons. He usually gets a few scribbles in before he starts to gnaw on the crayons. Maybe I should try markers instead? He is also starting to like to do stickers but I try and save them for special times like a restaurant.

Busy boy...time for a snack!

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