Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I haven't posted these photos yet and they really have nothing to do with what has been going on lately but I thought they were so cute. Michael is so independent- he wanted a snack so he pushed his chair up to the fruit bowl and grabbed himself an apple! He is such a funny guy.

He is growing so much every day and I swear he looks older after every nap. He has been very sweet lately with lots of snuggles and hand holding. It really is tugging at my heart strings because I am just so conflicted about him not being my baby anymore. We have been having lots of good snuggles at night when I rock him to sleep and I know that it won't last for very much longer!

I am really starting to slow down because of the pregnancy. Yesterday after school I couldn't do anything except for sit with my feet up for about 30 minutes until I got my energy back to get dinner ready and head out to my bible study. After Michael goes to bed at night I am usually done for- it is reading, vegging on the couch or soaking in the bathtub the rest of the night for me. This combination of lack of energy and ambition is not good as I still have lots to prepare for in just 6 short weeks!

When is the nesting phase supposed to kick in? I hope it makes an appearance soon! :o)

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