Monday, January 10, 2011

Week One Down week in 2011 down.

It is so nice to have all the holiday business over with and have my house back to normal. Everything feels so much spacious and uncluttered now that I took all my Christmas stuff down. I am so glad I can finally stop being the Christmas tree police because by the end, the poor tree was not pretty at all. It took me forever to round up all the ornaments from all corners of my house! I think we are going to have to think of a new strategy for next Christmas.

It was a nice week back at school, nice to be back to the routine.

We also had a low key weekend with baby swim lessons on Saturday morning and then hanging out the rest of the time. I loved it!

Scott has really been into hockey lately. This winter he is playing adult league hockey on two different teams and I think he really likes the guys he plays with. They are planning a trip to Manitoba this summer (after the new baby is born!) to play against Scott's high school hockey coach's team.

So anyway, our pond finally re-froze after a big melt we had and the ice was really slippery! Scott had lots of fun skating all around it and Michael and I came outside to watch for a bit.

Michael was clearly excited....I think this is just his "I'm cold!" face!

I thought the ice was so pretty. We are in the process of finding me an old pair of skates so I can join him! To wrap up our weekend we watched HBO's 24/7 Hockey Special with the Capitals and Penquins (surprisingly good!) and Mystery, Alaska (which was also surpisingly good!). I think we have Miracle on Ice to watch later this week so I guess we are continuing with the hockey theme!

I hope everyone is staying warm out there today!

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  1. Congratulations! I totally missed your post about expecting another baby! Had to go back and check the posts that I missed with that bit of news. How exciting!!


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