Friday, January 28, 2011


Wow, it has been a busy week! Where did the time go? Here are some quickie updates for you all:

  • Today is my last day of (scheduled) subbing, except for Monday when I am helping another friend, but I'm not counting that.
  • Scott moved into his new office this week and he's been super busy with late nights getting everything in the right place. It is a really beautiful office, I will have to stop by now that it is all finished and take some photos to share!
  • Michael has started saying "Oh!" and "Uh-oh!" very excitedly and pointing with his finger. He loves to look out the window and point at all the things outside. I'm not sure really what he is looking at, but it sure seems exciting. He is really babbling and saying a lot of things that sound like words.
  • We are going to a post- holiday party tonight and my mom and sister are watching Michael! I'm really excited!
Have a great Friday!

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