Monday, January 17, 2011


I was trying to take a photo of Michael yesterday to use for our Valentines and he was having a hard time sitting still. So I decided to do what any awesome parent would do and bribe him with a treat. Yes...just like a puppy dog. He really wanted it and would sign "please, please" until I gave it to him. He was so cute!

He knows a couple of signs, but usually he will just do them all in a row to say that he wants something. It's usually a combination of eat, milk, and please. We rented the Signing Times video from the library and are working on a few more signs to add to his vocabulary.

We had a great weekend with swimming again on Saturday and then relaxing the rest of the time. We even had one of my favorite nights ever- Papa Murphy's pizza and a movie at home! Thanks, Scott for suggesting it!

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