Tuesday, January 18, 2011

22 Weeks

I'm going to start doing my baby #2 updates on Tuesdays because....that is when the new baby will be born!!

As of right now our due date is schedule for Tuesday, May 17th. Can you believe it? At times it seems so far away, other times so close!

We had our ultrasound last Friday and the baby look really good. It was all bunched up into a little ball so we didn't get very many good ultrasound pictures but I am totally okay with it. We'll see the real baby soon enough!

I've was shocked to hear the baby has grown from 6 oz. at 17 weeks to 14 oz. at 22 weeks. So you are right...I have also just gained half a pound! :o) Ha, no seriously. I've been trying really hard to be aware of healthy eating and I've been weighing myself mostly every day just so I can keep tabs on how things are going. My blood pressure was excellent (I'm always worried about it since it got high when I was pregnant with Michael) and I passed my early glucose screening.

I have really been feeling great. I've had some back pain but even just doing a little stretching every day does wonders. At school one of the teachers congratulated me and said I didn't even look pregnant! She is a good fibber. :o)

We are so excited for the new baby's arrival and are busy making preparations! I'll keep you updated!

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