Sunday, January 23, 2011


I finally remembered to take my camera with me to swimming time. I really like the photos I took, mostly because Michael looks like such a big boy. He looks especially big compared to the little roly poly infants in the class! Seeing those little babies makes me really excited to be getting a new baby at house too. I wanted to take some pictures of the little chubby babies, but I figured that would probably be weird. You'll just have to trust me- they were cute.

Michael went down the big slide all by himself! I helped him up the stairs the first time, but then he didn't even need me at all.

I realized as I looked back on these photos that it looks like Scott and Michael are the only people in the pool. There are actually quite a few people in his class (10, maybe?) and the instructor is super awesome. I cropped the other people out because I sure as heck would not want a photo of me in my bathing suit appearing somewhere in blog land! Eek! :o)

Next week is our last class and then we are hopefully signing up for the 2nd class which runs in February.

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  1. I found your blog a long time ago from Kelly's Korner. What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are awesome. Did you take photography classes or have you just learned how to take pictures so well over time?


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