Friday, January 21, 2011

Toy Organization

This morning we are skipping our dance class and decided to have a low key morning at home. I've been working Friday afternoons and while I like getting out of the house, it is too hard to try and do something in the morning and then try and get ready to go again to school and childcare.

I have been really overwhelmed lately with the amount of TOYS that are all over my house!!! I'm sure many of you have this same feeling, and I'm sure I will be dealing with it forever.

I weeded out the upstairs toys and books and took two big clothes baskets of them downstairs. I just kept one basket of books, one basket for library books, and then two baskets of toys that we store in the bottom of a bookshelf. Here is what we were left with upstairs:

I just feel so much better about the state of my house if there are not a million toys in the main living area and I can actually pick them up and put them away.

In the basement we keep our toys in a little area behind the big sofa. I bought this shelf on sale at Target after Christmas for $40. I actually have one in a different color buried deep in our storage room so hopefully someday I can utilize that as well.

It felt good to get all the toys sorted a little bit and put away. Before they were just all sort of piled up behind the couch and you couldn't even walk around.

I also had these white storage things from my college dorm room/apartment and I'm glad I could use them again. They don't really match but I'm just glad I can get the toys off the floor. Michael really loves taking the bins out and dumping the toys so I guess he's getting some entertainment out of the deal!

I found this great bucket at Target in the $1 section and I wish I would have bought more. So cute!

I sorted out all of the little people stuff and put them in one bin. We have so much! Yikes.

I like that the cubby holes are big enough to keep some of his little people sets.

It felt good to get most of the toys in one place. We had some baskets of toys in the TV area part of the basement and I moved them all back to the main area. In the process of sorting through all the toys I also weeded out 3 big plastic bins of baby toys that I can put away for the new baby. Things like links and soft toys that go on carseats. I had a TON of things like that and I think it helped to get them out of the mix.

After all the work, it's time to play!

I know the toy organization won't last forever, but for right now it is saving my sanity!

Have a great Friday!

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