Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Before and Afters

I love this time of year!

Everything in my garden is really peaking right now. We've had lots of hot sun and rain the last few weeks and while usually things are dying in August, my little plants are going strong.

I've also discovered a love of Roundup this season and despite a couple of bare patches in the grass where I sprayed and some lost petunias, my weed destroying has been successful. My husband even bought me a huge 3 gallon pressure sprayer to get the job done! It has really cut down on the amount of hours I spent pulling weeds, especially the pesky ones like dandelions that don't pull up easily. So...secret's out!

My front pots are doing great! I love this sweet potato vine with the multi-color leaves because it goes well with the brick. It has kind of taken over the petunias, but I like it anyway.

Remember the big landscaping project we did this spring? (here and here are some refreshers!) Here is the before and after of all the new plants I planted in May. Everything has done so well here, mostly because it gets watered frequently by the lawn system. I'm pretty sure I only watered it with the hose a handful of times, if even that many! It is the ultimate way to be a lazy gardener! I really like the black eyed susans because they are so bright and cheery and you can see them well from the road. I still have some filling in to do in some spots but we'll see how things come up in the spring. I'm totally done with planting for this year! Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of my (minimal) labor!

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