Thursday, August 19, 2010

State Fair Highlights

It's Iowa State Fair time!
The official end to summer!
The biggest event of the year!

I've been going to the state fair ever since I can remember. My family used to camp (all 6 of us!) in a little pop up camper in the campground and we'd do everything at the fair. I think it is kind of nice my parents still go and camp even though none of us kids stay with them anymore.

Scott and I headed out after he got off work on the first night of the fair, which is our little tradition. It was super hot, but I think it kept the crowds away. I read in the paper attendance was down 20,000 people from last year on the first day. Yikes.

Anyway, our first stop was at the Nadas concert. I've loved the Nadas ever since I heard them play coincidentally at the state fair when I was in the state fair queen contest way back in 2002. They are a local band that got their start in Ames and when I was finally old enough, I used to love seeing them at a local establishment in town. So, so fun. Sometimes I really miss those days. Anyway, the concert was good and we actually had seats to sit in.

Scott bought us some beers. He didn't tell me how much they cost until we got home. Yikes!

After the show we wandered down into my favorite part of the fairgrounds-the garden! I've gotten so many ideas from here and each year they do new things. I loved these purple flowers, especially the two different types of sweet potato vine next to each other. I'm totally doing that!

We then headed over to the Cattleman's tent for dinner. This was a hard choice for us because we usually eat at the Pork tent, but Scott thought would eat there later in the week with his parents so we chose beef. Beef vs. Pork...we have such hard decisions to make in Iowa. :o)

We got there late so luckily there was no line! Yay!

Scott had a ribeye sandwich and I had a roast beef sandwich and I think mine was better and also cheaper. He complained about it the whole night-ha!

Michael had his first french fry, which he was not very excited about. He wasn't sure what to do with it.

After dinner we headed over to the 4H building to see my sister's 4H project that made it to state. I am claiming some of the credit since she borrowed the idea from my famous 4H project about how being in high school band changed my life. And propelled me into being a lifelong band nerd. That is a story for another time.

Her project was so cute and I loved the shadowbox. I've never done one before-maybe she can help me next time she comes over! Great job, Denise!

Somewhere along the adventures at the state fair, Scott got sidetracked by the Toro lawn mower display. He was *really* excited. I don't get it.

The last stop of the night was a Bauder's ice cream sandwich that we shared while listening to another free concert (the Sioux City Rockestra). They were both good! We had a fun time watching all the fair-goers and saw lots of sleeping babies in their strollers. Of course, ours was still wide awake! Too much action!

We took one quick loop through the midway and then we were headed home.

It was a great night!

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