Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunshine Day!

Wow, it is sunny out today. Lots of sunshine. So much that it is over 100 degrees today!

Michael left for daycare earlier than usual this morning so I had some time this morning when it was "cooler" to get outside for some exercise. First of all, we did not do well with the early pick up time! I was really scrambling, especially since Michael hasn't been waking up until 7:30 most mornings. By the time we did breakfast and got all dressed, it was time to go! How do you moms do it? I need to get my act together!

The run outside was terrible. I thought I would actually be proactive this morning about using sunscreen since it was so sunny. I was feeling great about myself and only when I got home to look in the mirror I realized I didn't rub it in all the way. Yep, I ran around my entire neighborhood and pranced down the road with my face totally white. Lovely. It was so hot and humid out; I think I will be staying inside for the rest of the day!

Remember when I was complaining about my sweet potato vine not growing well? I think something was eating it, so I put out lots of
poison and now it is doing great! The hot sun really causes it to grow like a weed.

The Zinnias are doing well also- my first plant I've ever grown from seed! It was super easy and I can't wait to do it again next year. They are so bright and cheery. I originally wanted to grow some so I could have them for cut flower arrangements, but they are so pretty outside I can't bear to cut them!

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  1. I love the purple leaves of your vine. Your garden looks great. I don't know how people do the get ready thing in the morning either. If we are running behind I usually cut the time from my own. It is amazing how fast I can brush my hair and slap on some lip gloss and head out the door with baby in tow.


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