Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living in the dark ages...

Hello, readers! We have had quite the issue at our house the past few days...our internet has been down. Yeah, I know. So I am updating from Panera Bread, eating a big salad and enjoy a diet Pepsi. How did I earn such a treat, you ask? Well, I ran 2 miles in 92 degree heat with lots of humidity this morning! I was going to get out of the house as soon as I dropped Michael off at daycare, but then I decided I needed a little midmorning nap instead. My 10 minute catnap during Jersey Shore reruns turned into a two hour snoozefest instead and I had to run outside at noon. Ugh, I was sweaty to say the least!

Next week I start school again so I am trying to enjoy one of my last days off to myself. I have been helping a friend with his summer lesson program so that has been getting me excited to get back to teaching, but still-I feel like summer just started! My garden is just finally starting to look good! The state fair starts this week!

So hopefully we'll get our internet fixed soon so I can update you with all the fun things that have been going on lately! Have a good one and stay cool!

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