Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled playtime

Gosh, last week was so crazy with all my teacher meetings, getting ready for the school year, hosting family, and the state fair. I am definitely ready for a "normal" week!

This week is the first full week of school starting so I will be back to my part time schedule. It is a little different right now because starting in about 6 weeks I will be teaching every day with the addition of a long term subbing gig. This new job is a huge blessing and kind of funny how it just appeared out of nowhere.

After going part-time this year I felt like I was really neglecting my career. I've been seeing lots of friends do great things with their jobs and I felt a little left out. So I guess I need to be careful what I wish for? :o) I think working every day will be a good reality check for a couple months and then we'll see where life takes us after that!

But for now, we are just doing two days a week and I am glad to have a slower week than last! Michael and I have lots of playing to catch up on-we have library time, sing a long time, walks and playing with friends. Here's to a new week!

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