Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The end of summer

These cooler temperatures around here have really made it feel like the end of summer. It is absolutely perfect out right now. Michael was sleeping in his carseat so I wandered around and watered some plants and just soaked it all in. It is a perfect day.

We went to our sing a long this morning and I had a lot of fun. We actually got there early and had time to grab a table, a coffee and some chat time before the music started. Michael really wanted to crawl around the whole room and touch all the other kids with his goober-ry hands. He even surprised the other moms with walking a few steps on his own! Yay, Michael!

Jester Park has been so nice to go to on these nice days. I had a trunk full of instruments for school the other day so I couldn't take my stroller and we explored in the baby carrier instead. It was fun to get off the path!

And of course it wouldn't be park time without some swinging!

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day also! I'm just updating, eating a quick lunch and then I am off to school to do some more instrument tryouts with 5th graders-wish me (and my hearing) good luck!

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