Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we traveled out of town to celebrate three birthdays: our niece, nephew, and Scott's great grandma!

We stayed with Scott's parents...it was so nice not to be the one hosting! Lots of hands to hold Michael and someone else to direct the family traffic- it was bliss! I even took a shower and fixed my hair in the same hour.

Margie spent the morning making kolaches, a Czech pastry. She left some out on the counter for us to snitch and I had never had them straight out of the oven before. They were heavenly!

Michael had so much fun watching his cousin Ellie the whole weekend. She is a firecracker!

On Saturday morning we took a walk by the river. It was sunny and the warmest it had been in months!! It felt good to burn off some energy and get out of the house for a bit.

Michael had a great time riding along in his Moby!

Sunday morning we headed up to Scott's grandma's place to celebrate her birthday. The whole family was there! It was a bit disorganized but then again...I was just happy I was not the one in charge! Betty's retirement home is very nice-they had a nice quiet library where Michael and I could hang out and he could nurse in peace. I want a library in my house!

Everyone was taking photos. I thought it was pretty funny...I wish we would have had people get up and taken real pictures instead of people just sitting in funny chairs. (they were funny...it was like we were too close to the table. It must be an old people thing).

Michael was pooped out and snoozed all the way home!


  1. I love the picture of everyone taking pictures! Both my mom and Craig's mom look like that when they use their cameras. Makes me laugh! And thank you for showing that a kolache is a pastry. Down in Texas they sell "pigs in a blanket" at our donut shops and everyone down here call them kolaches. I fight with them all the time about the true meaning of that word. :)

  2. What a precious family! I've been having a blast looking at all the pictures and reading all your posts. Can't wait to read more!


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