Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun with baby gifts!

Two new babies have recently been born to friends of ours and what better way to celebrate than with baby gifts??

After Michael was born, so many people sent nice things over to the house through the mail. I was so surprised...I really had no idea people did that.

So now I know... and I had so much fun shopping that I wanted to share my goodies with you!

The first is for a little girl, whose parents are really into living green. I picked up this cute onesie that is organic cotton and soy. How cool is that? It is super soft and I really wanted one for myself, but no adult sizes. :o(

The crunchy store I was shopping at also had these wood teethers-so I sent one along with the package and also picked one up to take home to Michael.

The second gift is for a little boy so I included some of Michael's favorites. He loved wearing the little sleeping gowns with snaps. Because he hated anything going over his head, he lived in those the first month of his life! Also tucked into the package were a fun rattle (LaMaze toys...they are so cute) and of course my favorite, a board book. :o)

We are so happy for everyone! I hope they enjoy their gifts! Yay for new babies!

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