Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big boy pants!

Michael has the cutest pair of baby gap jeans and he looks like such a big boy when he wears them!

I figured I better hurry up and take a photo because when he was playing on the floor I noticed how painfully short they were!

Poor guy, I'm sure he will probably be dealing with this problem his whole life. :o(

(While I was trying to take his photo he was too busy checking out the bowl of m&m's! I told him he could have one if he could pick one up with his fingers, but our little pincer grasp has a lot of work ahead of it, as you can see from the photo! But seriously, I wouldn't have let him have any even if he could pick them up!)

(also, the m&m's were before we started our eating/fitness more of those in the house!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh man- he is growing up so freakin' fast! What a cutie.

    (good idea on the M&Ms-you reason like teacher. or wait- that is probably because you are!)


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